Mashantucket Pequot  Tribal Council Woman
                                     Marjorie Colebut Jackson
visits BHA
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Blue Hill Adventure & Quarry Museum conducts tours of Native American Quarries in the Blue Hills area. The Museum has several native American artifacts in its collection.

                                                             ​Blue Hill Adventure Quarry Museum commissioned                                                             Ruth Hedarski,  famous Quincy artist to draw                                                                         picture  of a Native American Indian crushing corn in a                                                         bowl and this picture is on display at the  Indian Bowls                                                         site. Ruth Hedarski  was commissioned by  the Quincy                                                         Historical Society to  draw the Seal of  Quincy City, which                                                     can be seen on the  top left front corner of the Quincy                                                           Historical Society building in Quincy.

Blue Hill Adventure & Quarry Museum
Blue Hill Adventure & Quarry Museum has partnered with
              ​Mashantucket Pequot Museum, in Connecticut, largest Native American Museum in the world.
​Chief Tribal Council Woman of the Mashantucket Pequot (located at Foxwoods)
​visited Blue Hill Adventure & Quarry Museum for an event as a Guest Speaker.

    * Quincy Historical Society
Commissioned drawing by Museum of Native American girl crushing corn at Ponkapoag bowls site.